Research that knows no bounds

In the laboratory and beyond, we are committed to groundbreaking research and cutting-edge programs. Our interdisciplinary programs cut across academic boundaries to provide you with the opportunity to research in a truly integrated way. McGill’s strong sense of community and global perspective provide the ideal setting for interdisciplinary collaboration.

At McGill, you will play a vital role in the creation of interdisciplinary programs, by working with leading faculty researchers and fellow graduate students. Your ideas and energy drive our progressive research, and we are committed to helping you make your mark on history.

Increasingly, the most exciting discoveries are being made where disciplines intersect, in:

  • Cognitive, biological and behavioural neurosciences
  • Public and social policy, health and society
  • Environment
  • Computation, statistical inference and modelling
  • Nano-sciences, nanotechnology, and advanced materials
  • Integrative systems biology
  • Languages, literatures and cultures

Places and spaces enabling research

There are nearly fifty at ̽. On the downtown campus, you will benefit from facilities created for 21st-century research, such as the open-concept and the high-tech music building, . For over a century, , a lush oasis on Montreal’s West Island, bordering the St. Lawrence River, has given students ‘living laboratories’ to explore the interactions between urban space and the natural environment.

Our four affiliated hospitals in Montreal, and our network of health partners across Quebec, provide a window into front-line clinical care. Abroad, the hosts scientists and students interested in researching tropical marine and terrestrial habitats, while the on Central Axel Heiberg Island gives access to glacier, ice cap, and polar desert environments.

Postdoctoral research and training

For information on postdoctoral research and training, please visit the .

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